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2010. június 26., szombat

Saint Hill International Arts Festival

The Arts Festival occurs every year in August at Saint Hill Manor in West Sussex, England and is designed to inspire artists into greater productivity.
Whether you are a fully fledged professional in your art form, a part-timer who has produced some art, or just starting out, the Saint Hill International Arts Festival is the place to be in the second week of August.
You will be in the midst of non-stop creativity with so many different art forms going on around you - acting, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, poetry, writing and more! Even if you stand back at first, within a couple of days you can't help joining in, the enthusiasm is so infectious.

2010 Dates: Sunday AUGUST 8TH TO 14TH 2010
click here for provisional programme

Saint Hill is the former home of L. Ron Hubbard and a centre of activity for Scientology® applied religious philosophy services. The Scientology religion offers practical tools one can use to better oneself and others and these tools are used at the festival specifically to help artists.

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